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Divorce proceedings can be complicated and emotional.
To protect your interests, you need representation from a reputable and experienced divorce lawyer.
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Legal Advice

In a divorce procedure or other family conflict, emotions can take over. However, it is important to keep focussed on the future and its financial aspects. A specialist can help you with that. At the Brech Familierecht law firm, you will be advised and coached towards a solution. On this website you can find a lot of information on various subjects within family law. Brech Familierecht can also give much more information and advice in a personal meeting. A meeting in English is always possibility.

The fields of expertise contains these subjects:

  • Divorce
  • Alimony and child support
  • Various subjects on parenthood
  • Custody, visitation and information rights
  • Property settlement and pension benefits
  • Name change
  • Custody of the state

Representation for Business Owners

Business owners need to be prepared in case of divorce. Alimony and property settlement can be complicated. Brech Familierecht has a network of experienced notaries and specialised accountants who can assist you, along with the specialist.

A Skilled Family Law Attorney

The specialist for Brech Familierecht is Majory Brech, who is a specialised family law attorney since 1997. Majory Brech believes in specialisation to offer the best possible quality. She has worked at the Family Court in The Hague and Dordrecht before starting her career as attorney. She is not only a registered family law specialist, she is also a certified mediator working for the Court of The Hague.


The hour rates are variable, depending on the urgency and complicity of the case and will be discussed at the intake. Clients who can apply for legal aid pay a reduced fee. Note: legal aid (for reduced fee) is only available in non-complicated cases at Brech Familierecht. Additional costs like court fees are also charged.

Brech Familierecht Contact Details

M.N.G.N.H. Brech LL.M. (Majory)
Attorney at law

Brech Familierecht


070 - 762 05 00



Eisenhowerlaan 136

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Mailing address:

Postbus 13584
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